Examples of Client Work 

(Graphic Recording & Illustration)

Some recent visual summary commissions

I can capture key messages from meetings, events and conferences 

A visual summary of feedback from a survey by the Rural Policy Centre at SRUC - which was drawn live during a day at the Royal Highland Show informed by feedback from visitors to SRUC's pavillion. 

Workshop captured in English...

This project is a collaboration between UK-based and Portuguese academics. The workshop was held and recorded in English....

...it was then translated into Portuguese

.... Once the design was approved and signed off by the client. I worked with the client to create a translated version in Portuguese. 

A visual summary of a symposium created for University of Edinburgh's Curriculum Transformation Project

A commission for AdvanceHE 

A visual summary of a seminar held with University Leaders

A summary of a key note talk for QAA Scotland  - captured in 'real time' 

A commission for AdvanceHE to summarise a series of events on Student Partnership in Assessment (from recordings)

A visual summary created for University of Liverpool's National Postdoc Conference 21


University of Liverpool have invited me back a number of times and more examples of my work can be found https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/researcher/making-impact/resources/ 

Visual Report Summaries 

 I can offer services to provide visual summaries of reports and strategies 

I was commissioned to produce a series of sketchnotes for Renfrewshire Council for sharing across the Council's education services 

Published Works

Some of my notes have been selected for inclusion within published books 

I produced this sketchnote as a personal reflection of my own learning in lockdown and it was selected for inclusion within Edinburgh Napier's Big Read anthology: https://napierbigread.com/the-napier-big-read-2021/