Examples of Client Work 

(Graphic Recording & Illustration)

Some recent visual summary commissions

I can capture key messages from meetings, events and conferences 

I was commissioned to produce a 'real-time' digital graphic recording of a 50 minute workshop presentation at the Scottish Undergraduate Oncology Conference (March '24) led by David Morrison (pictured above with me). The image was projected into the room as it developed. At the end of the workshop, attendees were invited to add their signature to the manifesto image.  I was proud that the visual was highlighted and shared in the conference closing remarks. 

A visual summary of feedback from a survey by the Rural Policy Centre at SRUC - which was drawn live during a day at the Royal Highland Show informed by feedback from visitors to SRUC's pavillion. 

Workshop captured in English...

This project is a collaboration between UK-based and Portuguese academics. The workshop was held and recorded in English....

...it was then translated into Portuguese

.... Once the design was approved and signed off by the client. I worked with the client to create a translated version in Portuguese. 

A visual summary of a symposium created for University of Edinburgh's Curriculum Transformation Project

A commission for AdvanceHE 

A visual summary of a seminar held with University Leaders

A summary of a key note talk for QAA Scotland  - captured in 'real time' 

A commission for AdvanceHE to summarise a series of events on Student Partnership in Assessment (from recordings)

A visual summary created for University of Liverpool's National Postdoc Conference 21


University of Liverpool have invited me back a number of times and more examples of my work can be found https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/researcher/making-impact/resources/ 

Visual Report Summaries 

 I can offer services to provide visual summaries of reports and strategies 

I was commissioned to produce a series of sketchnotes for Renfrewshire Council for sharing across the Council's education services 

Published Works

Some of my notes have been selected for inclusion within published books 

I produced this sketchnote as a personal reflection of my own learning in lockdown and it was selected for inclusion within Edinburgh Napier's Big Read anthology: https://napierbigread.com/the-napier-big-read-2021/